Excel Visual Basic #4: Create A Web Favorites List

This tutorial is a little more complicated than the prior three tutorials. It takes what you have learned in those, combines them and adds some additional features. If you haven’t done the prior tutorials and know nothing about VBA, you may want to do those first. The tutorials can be found here: Excel Templates.

I have provided a blank template with no VBA code to get you started: BlankStart

Video Overview

Use Blank Start File or Create Your Own

If you have not downloaded the BlankStart file, do so now or duplicate the look yourself based on the below instructions.

The Blank Start file contains no code, it is just a formatted file. The Blank Start file has two tabs. A “Favorite List” tab and a “Source List” tab.

The “Favorite List” tab looks like the below image:

Image Showing Excel Sheet Layout

The “Source List” tab looks like the below image:

Image Showing Excel Sheet Layout


Our Requirements List:

  • Allow for the entry of a URL and a more user-friendly display name
  • Allow the URL and display name to be saved to a “Source List”
  • Dynamically populate a combo box with the entire contents of the “Source List” using the user-friendly display name
  • Allow for the selection of a URL based on the display name
  • At the push of a button, using the selected display name, navigate to the chosen URL through the default web browser

Are you into Agile? We Could use User Stories as Well:

As a user, I want to be able to store all of my favorite websites in one location so that I can keep track of them better.

As a user, I would like to be able to instantly access all of my favorite websites so that I can get to them faster.


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