Hacking Excel: Creating a Search box Automation Tool

My guest blog post on using Selenium Basic in Excel to automate web navigation, user text entry, and button clicking.

Originally posted on The Hack Post.


This is a more intermediate level tutorial on Excel Visual Basic, but a beginner tutorial for Selenium Basic. If you are an absolute beginner at working with Excel VBA please visit VBA Tutorial Group: From Beginner to Intermediate, which will guide you through setting up Visual Basic in Excel and working with forms, subroutines, and functions. You should know what functions and subroutines are before proceeding. It could also be helpful if you know what DOM is and have some experience with it.

Now that I have the disclaimer out of the way, shall we begin?

What are we creating?

A tool within Excel that will let you search Google.


Feel free to download the VBA free starter file: Download

Requirements List:

  • A location to type in our search query within Excel
  • A button to tell it to begin to searching
  • The ability to return the first page results from a search
  • A screenshot of the search results

View this post in its entirety here: Hacking Excel: Creating a Search box Automation Tool

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