Hypocritical Situation of Low-Tech Solutions in Agile

My guest blog post on making the best choices for your processes and tools.

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In Agile, there is often an insistence on using low-tech and high-touch tools to collaborate and report on task statuses. While these tools may work, you shouldn’t limit your choices without considering all of your options.

“Agile is a generic or “umbrella” term for an operational framework or methodology that strives to keep a focus on requirements by using adaptive approaches and continuous improvement practices.” – WHAT IS AGILE?


The Hypocrisy in Software Development

This hypocrisy applies less to areas that are not software development, but the underlying theme is to not focus on the processes and tools you use.

For software development, insistence on low-tech tools is hypocritical. You are going to build these impressive software solutions and rely on sticky notes to organize your work – while insisting that it is better than software solutions.

The only thing more hypocritical is if the software solutions you were building were collaboration or project organization tools.

View article in its entirety here: Hypocritical Situation of Low-Tech Solutions in Agile

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