The Environment You Work in Should not be Defined by Agile


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Some have called co-location common sense among Agile practitioners, I state that it should be common sense that the requirement is not actually very Agile. What is more agile; picking a particular city and only having access to employees from that city, or having access to employees all over the world? The answer is – it depends on your situation, not on an Agile requirement.

Agile is a generic or “umbrella” term for an operational framework or methodology that strives to keep a focus on requirements by using adaptive approaches and continuous improvement practices. – WHAT IS AGILE?

Here I am going to argue that Agile does not have within its definition a requirement to be co-located, or any definition whatsoever about the required physical environment. Agile approaches may define some of the working environment conditions, Agile itself is more a way of thinking, than it is a way of doing. (thinking about the best way of doing)

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