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Sharing Schemes in Jira

If you went through an earlier tutorial on custom issue types I created (Customize Issue Types in Jira), you would have noticed that I modified the Issue Types for one project and one project only. But what if we wanted to create a standard set of Issue Types for our entire organization?

We have two options that will let us do that.

  1. Modify every project individually
  2. Create new projects using a dedicated set of schemes

If you have a lot of projects in Jira, modifying each one individually is not practical. It can be made even worse if you have custom workflows and screens you want to include as well (I may cover those in another tutorial). It also makes the system difficult to manage, and any future changes will need to be done to each project individually as well. Scaling your Jira system up becomes problematic.

So we should choose option 2.

There are two ways to this – 1) create the project first then associate the project with the scheme you want or 2) create a project using the set of schemes that you want; that set of schemes should be a project used solely for scheme maintenance. (*Technically there are three that I know of, you can delete the scheme association and force the project to rely on the Default Scheme)

The first thing I did was I created a project and called it “Standard Scheme Template”. I modified the Issues to create a custom set of issues. You can see instructions on how to do that here Customize Issue Types in Jira.


Sharing Schemes in Jira: Video



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