TIM WOODS and Lean Waste

8 Types of Waste in Lean - TIM WOODS

The TIM WOODS 8 Types of Waste

  1. Transportation: Transportation is the unneeded movement of people or parts through the process flow. This process is the waste involved with transporting goods when the processes are not in a logical order.
  2. Inventory: The storage of excess inventory that leads to wasted money, wasted space or possible obsolescence with long term storage of goods. Goods/product can also be damaged or have their value expire while being stored.
  3. Motion: Movement waste within a process caused by extra steps or unnecessary movement to complete the process.
  4. Waiting (Wait of Time): This is the waste that occurs when waiting for work through too long of cycle times or other issues slowing the work through the workflow.
  5. Overprocessing / Extra Processing: Processing the work beyond the agreed specifications that result in no meaningful advantage but increases costs and/or time.
  6. Overproduction: Producing more product than is needed or required, possibly leading to the product becoming obsolete before the value can be realized.
  7. Defects: Non-conforming parts or parts that do not meet the agreed upon standard. Low quality or failed quality work.
  8. Skills Underutilized / Non-Utilized Talent: The wasted skills of staff that are given tasks below their skill levels.

A more detailed explanation of Lean Waste: https://agile-mercurial.com/2019/02/12/8-types-of-muda-waste-in-lean/


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