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How to Teach Others Small Simple Tasks

We have all been there, either on the receiving end or the giving end. You may be in a zoom meeting watching a coworker’s screen and see them perform a task, or struggle to perform a task, that has a really easy shortcut. It could be just a […]

Kanban Certifications

Kanban Certifications

Kanban is an operational methodology that tries to streamline business processes and reduce waste. As the use of Kanban increases, being educated in Kanban becomes more valuable and more critical to organizations. Successful adoption of Kanban practices relies on knowledgeable employees supporting its implementation. You can learn more […]

Average Organizational Chart

Do Managers Have a Place in Agile?

The short answer – yes they do. Within Agile there is a heavy stress on servant-leadership, self-organizing teams, and emergent leadership. The belief is that through the use of those things, management is unnecessary. The manager of the past has a negative association with authoritarian leadership that dictates […]