Balance/Check Register Excel Template

Balance Tracking Tool:

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This template does not contain macros/VBA code.


Add a date, description, and choose a classification.

If the amount is a debit from the account, enter it in the red column. Do not add a negative to the number, just type the number it will automatically make any number added to the debit field a negative number. If the amount is a credit to the account, enter it in the green column.

It automatically calculates the balance and has a low balance warning indicator when the balance goes under $100. The D/C field gives you a quick indicator of debit or credit based on the color and provides a quick way to filter by debit or credit.

Contains 12 tabs, one for each month of the year. Final balance for a month is carried over to the next month (Assuming you don’t mess with the formulas because nothing is locked and it contains no VBA code, just Excel formulas).


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