To Do List Excel Template

Excel To Do List:

Download Here

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This template does not contain macros/VBA code.

To do list with drop down percentage complete and auto-calculating overall progress bar.


Add a task name under the “Task” column and a due date under the “Due Date” column. If you leave the value under “Percent Done” as a dash “-” the total progress bar will not calculate it in. Adding a new task must be changed to 0% or higher to be included in the total progress average.

If you remove a task, change “Percent Done” back to a dash “-” to prevent total progress from using it in its calculation.

*If you need to add more than the provided 20 lines, modify cell D3 (the total progress bar). In the original formula “=IFERROR(AVERAGEIF(D4:D23,”<>-“),””)” where it states D23 may need to be increased to the proper cell if Excel fails to do it automatically. In most cases, it should automatically update.


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