Resource Requirements Plan Excel Template

Resource Requirements Plan Excel Template:

Download Here

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This template does not contain macros/VBA code.



Modify the resource names under the Resources section to your desired names. For additional data purposes, you can enter in how many hours you expect the resource to be made available to your project in the white boxes above the resource name. This is not important, it is purely optional and it later calculates their utilization balance.


Modify the task names. You can add in the month you plan to complete the task, as well as expected start and completion dates. Your Estimated hours to complete field will autocomplete based on what you enter under your resource names. Optionally filling in the actual effort will complete a graph that compares expected to actual hours (Plan Effectiveness).


As you fill in the hours under each resource, Estimated Effort Hours autocompletes and it tallies up total hours below. If you optionally used the resource Available Hours it will determine whether you have overutilized or underutilized the resource.



Once completed, go to the Resource Plan sheet. On that sheet is a Pivot Table and Chart. You will need to right-click and select refresh to bring over the data.


Once the data is refreshed, you will see it all. You may need to sort to clean things up some, and as you change the resource names you may have to make sure they get included in the pivot table.


This is where placing in the month is important as well, the data sorts it based on a month by default. If you are comfortable pivot tables, you can change this up some or add to it.


As you progress through your project and you optionally complete the Actual Effort Hours, you can switch to the Plan Effectiveness sheet and it will display a chart comparing Estimated Effort to Actual Effort.


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