Track on performance

Pedro Faria of In Forming discusses the new PM Software “Track on Performance”

Pedro Manuel Faria is the CEO of a company called In Forming, a spin-off company of Famousgadget Lda. Pedro was kind enough to let me interview him in a rather unconventional fashion, through LinkedIn messaging. Our main discussion topic was the new project management software his company was […]

Lean Six Sigma

Business Process Waste Across Silos

Lean, while primarily known for manufacturing, has many tools and ideas that can apply to many industries that have no manufacturing component. Services have wastes, business and operational processes can have waste, software engineering and development has waste… you can find waste everywhere. In Lean, efficiency falls into […]

Telecommuting Teams with Agile Projects

Article on the PMI Knowledge Base: Telecommuting Teams with Agile Projects   It may seem counter to the “rules” of agile, but distributed, telecommuting agile teams can be more effective than their colocated peers, and most of what you have to do to be successful are things you […]