Kanban Knowledge Test

Test Your Kanban Knowledge

This practice test consists of 36 questions and aligns with IBQMI Certified Kanban Coach.

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  1. “False, Kanban is only Iterative, but not Incremental. Kanban releases all of the iterations at once.”
    I strongly disagree with this. What we could discuss is if Kanban is Iterative or not but SURELY is Incremental. How could you measure Cycle Time and improve this metric if the release didn’t get at the final user?!

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    • The release is the increment. Kanban is a continuous flow and incremental. Iterative would suggest timeboxed limits for working which Kanban doesn’t define. The answer to my question appears to be wrong (backwards – which happens as I made this test up at like 2:00 AM). I will get in and correct it.


    • This is the one marked as being correct – “False, Kanban should be a continuous flow of work rather than rely on the iterations of other Agile methods and frameworks. It is a continuous flow and Incremental way of doing work.”

      I have to agree with that as Kanban doesn’t define iterations and is not an iterative development method.

      This one is a wrong answer “False, Kanban is only Iterative, but not Incremental. Kanban releases all of the iterations at once”


    • I can’t tell who took the test, but I can see the last test- you did very well if that was you. I think the question might be worded weird – because based on your reply here, you should have gotten it right and you understand the information behind the question. Seeing as how it was the only one wrong on the last test taken, I think the wording threw you off.

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      • Yes, I did and got a 97% but what I didn’t get it within the comments is if you still think that it releases all iterations at once and that’s just not true. You’ll have multiple releases over time in a product being developed with Kanban and possibly with a mature team combined with automated deploy, it’ll be a part of the flow to release the increment.


  2. Hi Joshua, how can I see the result of the (in) correct answers of the test after finishing? It only shows me the first 15 questions with according answers.
    Thanks a lot for your support.



    • I think it has something to do with the software I use – for free – for the practice tests. I am getting a lot of complaints that the tests aren’t showing everyone all the answers. It may be time to find new software (hopefully free). I need to update some of the questions for the PMI-ACP test anyway, to reflect upcoming changes to the PMI exams.


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