Scrum Master – PSM I and PSPO I Exam Sample Questions

Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner Certification Practice Test

This practice exam is made up of 100 questions and aligns with the Scrum Guide.

Study Guides and Sample Questions for the PSM and PSPO Exams


Assistance with this practice test can be found in the Scrum Guide.

Read my experience with the PSM I Exam and my tips: My PSM I Exam Experience.

Learn about the difference between the PSM and the CSM: The Difference Between the PSM and the CSM Certifications

Study for the PSM with additional reading: Scrum Narrative and PSM Exam Guide: All-in-one Guide for Professional Scrum Master (PSM 1) Certificate Assessment Preparation

Additional Study for the PSPO Exam: The Professional Product Owner: Leveraging Scrum as a Competitive Advantage

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  1. Hi, I took the quiz but can’t see all answers. I want to see which questions I got wrong. I’m able to see the first few questions / answers only.


  2. I also cannot see my responses. One way to manage it is to right click and see the source of the frame. In the code for correct answers you will then see “quiz-status-correct” and for wrong – “quiz-status-tick”.


    • My guess is, because I use a free account, it limits how many people can view all of there results. The test is actually set to show all of the results to people – but I use a free account with Crowdsignal to host the test.


  3. It’s because the test is presented in an iframe and the height of the frame is too short. I changed it to 20000px and now i can see all the questions and answers.


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