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Dunning-Kruger with Modified Slope of Enlightenment

The Problem With Extremely Confident People

I believe an expert is a person who has been wrong so many times that it permanently limits how confident they will ever get in their abilities. The master of a craft is more accepting of the fact that they could learn something new to further their knowledge. […]

Emotional Bias

Controlling Your Personal Bias

If I told you we have found a great solution to help reduce criminal recidivism and it would cost taxpayers nothing, plus save taxpayers money by housing fewer criminals over time; I imagine most of you reading this would be interested in putting this solution into effect. What […]

Information Radiators

Information Radiators and Virtual Teams

An information radiator displays information in a place where passersby can see it. With information radiators, the passersby don’t need to ask questions; the information simply hits them as they pass. – Alistair Cockburn Information radiators are used to help provide transparency by conveying information visually. The general […]