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User Story Tips

9 Tips for Writing Effective User Stories

One of the reasons user stories are used over a traditional requirements list is that they can become part of a persona for the users of the end product of the project. It helps the project manager, developers, and other members of the project and other stakeholders view […]

Slicing User Stories

How Do You Split User Stories?

User story creation should not be a difficult process. You may encounter the occasional “what do I do here?” situations, but generally, the process should be fairly easy as long as you have the right people helping with understanding the requirements. At times through your project or product […]

Stop Overthinking User Stories

Stop Overthinking User Stories

First things first, nothing in Agile requires the use of user stories. They aren’t required anywhere. They are a tool, Agile doesn’t really define tools. Tools are useful only when they are useful and not hindering your progress or driving you insane trying to use them. User stories […]