The Mercurial Perspective Documents

The Mercurial Perspective

The Mercurial Perspective

The continuous workflow of Agile Kanban / Just in Time Delivery with a set of principles and practices to become a more human-centered and streamlined organization. A more Agile Agile.
This is not for software development projects, this an entire organizational agility approach.

Principles of the Mercurial Perspective:

1. Treat Humans Like Humans
2. Engage in Constant and Shared Learning
3. Continuously Work to Improve Based on Past Results
4. Strive to be Transparent in Your Thoughts, Actions, and Statuses
5. Unite the Organization Under the Shared Motivations
6. Embrace the Idea that From Quality Comes Customer Satisfaction
7. Limit Bureaucracy by Simplifying and Streamlining Your Processes
8. Do Not Limit Options for the Sake of Agility
9. Expect Change and Adapt in the Most Efficient and Knowledge-Driven Method

More information can be found at:

  1. The Mercurial Perspective (
  2. Principles of the Mercurial Perspective
  3. How to Balance the Spinning Wheel of Work
  4. Kanban: The Mercurial Perspective
  5. What Types of Meetings Should you Have in Kanban?
  6. What is Kanban?
  7. Complexity Theory: The Most Important Part of Agile
  8. The Agile Coach: Where Do They Fit In?
  9. Emergent Leadership Origins: Complexity Theory and What Most People Forget About Agile
  10. A Meeting About Nothing: Team Building Without Team Building


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