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Communication Plan

The Distributed Workforce is Exposing Flaws in Business Communication

We can get away with having lazy communication practices in a co-located team or single building environment. In a co-located team we have accidents and chance encounters that help fill in the gap that exists without a proactive communication plan. In a single work building, we can expect to […]

Telecommuting Teams with Agile Projects

Article on the PMI ProjectManagement.com Knowledge Base: Telecommuting Teams with Agile Projects   It may seem counter to the “rules” of agile, but distributed, telecommuting agile teams can be more effective than their colocated peers, and most of what you have to do to be successful are things you […]

Open Office Plan

Open Offices Suck

Background noises, a dozen conversations, and coworkers gnashing on their lunch. The ring of someone’s phone every couple of minutes, an impromptu meeting being carried out that has nothing to do with me, and someone is talking louder and louder as they try to be heard. Someone tells […]