Excel VBA Tutorials


Excel VBA References:

List of Excel VBA Tutorials:

VBA Tutorial Group: From Beginner to Intermediate

  1. Excel Visual Basic #1: Getting Started: Beginner Level – Basic introduction to Excel VBA. Goes through how to get started and guides you to complete your first application using Excel VBA.
  2. Excel Visual Basic #2: Variables and Decisions: Beginner Level – Covers variables and decision/control structures. Guides the completion of your first application with variables and If…Then…Else decision structures in Excel VBA.
  3. Excel Visual Basic #3: Loops, Combo Boxes, and Saving: Beginner Level – Introduces you to loops, other form functions like combo boxes, and goes through how to save your macro-enabled excel workbook.
  4. Excel Visual Basic #4: Create A Web Favorites List: Intermediate Level –  Combines the first three tutorials in this set to create a more advanced application. The end result is a list you can add your favorite web pages to and open them up in your default web browser.

VBA Tutorial Group: Forms and Duplicating Sheets

  1. Excel Visual Basic #5: Duplicating Sheets: Intermediate Level – Goes through the process of creating new sheets programmatically based on an existing sheet.

Selenium Basic Tutorial: Excel Automation

  1. Hacking Excel: Installing Selenium Basic: Beginner Level – Introduction to Selenium Basic
  2. Hacking Excel: Creating a Search box Automation Tool: Intermediate Level – Guest author post on “The Hack Post”

Books and Educational Material on Excel VBA

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