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Maslow's Expanded Hierarchy of Needs Diagram

Abraham Maslow’s Expanded Hierarchy of Needs

Most people are familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Model Shown Above) and the five motivational levels it contains. Anyone who has taken a basic psychology course has probably encountered it at some point during their education. This 5-stage model was conceptualized in 1943 by Abraham Maslow in […]

Eliminate Osmotic Events - Osmotic Communication

Osmotic Events

An osmotic event is a failure or breakdown in communication that could have led to issues but was averted by pure accident or coincidence. It occurs when a company either lacks a plan for handling certain communication, the plan is not followed, or the plan is inadequate. (What […]

Employee Job Satisfaction

Happiness Impact on Productivity

Various studies have attempted to answer several questions related to areas that may impact productivity. Three such areas of interest here would be the subjects of emotions impacting productivity, the importance of social interaction and perception, and highly regarded supervisors and their impact on productivity. Supervision and social […]