How to Find Remote and Work From Home Jobs

I am a remote worker and I often get asked how I became a remote worker. When they ask, I assume they mean, “how do I find remote jobs?” Well, I am going to tell you how right here. First I will start with ways I have actually found jobs, then I will move onto ways I have heard of others finding jobs.

If you are just beginning a remote job search, you have to be patient. It can take months to land a remote job. It tends to take longer finding a remote job than a traditional job. Interview invitations for remote positions tend to be about half as likely to occur compared to traditional jobs. (4-6% traditional jobs compared to 1-2% remote-only jobs)

*You do not need to work in a technology-related field to work remotely. Some options discussed below do concentrate on technology only, others may be more general.


1. Dice (https://www.dice.com/)

Dice is primarily concerned about jobs in technology and those that support technology. There is a way on Dice to search for only remote jobs.

On the Dice home page, right below the search section at the top, click “Advanced Search”.


Once on the “Advanced Search” page, you can put in the keywords you want for the job you are looking for. Then scroll to the bottom where you will be able to place a check mark in an option for “Work From Home”. You then click the “Find Tech Jobs” button and you should be met with a whole bunch of jobs that have indicated that they telecommute positions.



2. Indeed (https://www.indeed.com/)

Indeed has pretty much every type of job available. You aren’t likely to work in manufacturing and telecommute, but pretty much everything else is there. Their automated job alerts system needs work, I would call it completely useless (Not sure why it sends me everything from registered nurse roles to construction management). Full-time positions are available.

To find a remote job on Indeed, just type in “Remote” in the location field titled “Where”. In the “What” field you can search by job title or keywords related to jobs you want.



3. Glassdoor (https://www.glassdoor.com)

Similar to Indeed, Glassdoor has a wide variety of job types. Full-time positions are available.

In the location field type “Remote” and be careful not to accidentally search Remote, Oregon for jobs.



4. Angel List (https://angel.co/)

This site specializes in smaller startup companies. I worked on a contract a few years ago for a small company I found through here.

You will want to create an account and fill out your profile, make sure to add your resume. Angel List will use that and send it to an employer when you apply for a position. When the profile is completed go to the “Jobs” tab located at the top of the page.


Under the “Jobs” tab there will be a section to refine your search. Under location, you will find an option titled “Remote Possible.”




Once you click “Remote Possible” it will add it to your search criteria.


5. UpWork (https://www.upwork.com)

UpWork is billed as a site for freelancers, but it has longer-term (greater than 3 months) contract positions and contract-to-hire positions. Most of these positions are remote.

It can take a while to secure a position on UpWork. Many of the higher paying or longer-term positions require some rating from previous jobs completed on UpWork. If you want to make it a go as a freelancer on UpWork, take on some of the low paid short-term gigs first, then work up to the higher-paid positions.


Other Places to Find Work From Home Jobs

6. FlexJobs (https://www.flexjobs.com/)

This one is not free. I paid for a year-long subscription, having purchased it for around $50. It has never gotten me a job, although I have interviewed with companies through here, I ended up not renewing my subscription. Full-time remote positions are available.

You don’t have to fill out your profile to get it to work, although it helps. FlexJobs isn’t exclusive to telecommute jobs. Some of their jobs are flexible schedule and freelance positions. Specifying that you want, such as telecommute only jobs, in your profile can weed out search results for positions you may not want.


7. LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/)

I have never been offered or interviewed for a remote position on LinkedIn. I have heard of it happening. I personally don’t apply or look much through LinkedIn jobs. They make it fairly easy now to look for remote positions.

From the jobs page, got to the “Search Location” text box and dropdown. You can click on “Remote” and it will bring up remote jobs.



8. Other Sites Dedicated to Finding Remote Work

I have had no luck with these sites nor have I even talked to anyone who has had luck with these sites. The job offerings seem slim to non-existent on many of them. They may be worth looking into for some people.

The following sites are dedicated to remote jobs only:



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