Top 10 Paying Technology Jobs Over 100K

Top 10 Paying Technology Jobs Over 100KEvery year since 2009 the technology job search site Dice has conducted surveys of employees that work in the technology space. These surveys provide insight into salaries, in-demand skills, and trends impacting the realm of technology. You can download the 2019 report here.

47% of tech professionals said they’d change employers to seek better working conditions (non-compensation aspects like remote work, flex hours and culture) – (Dice, 2019)

Below are the average salaries for the top 10 technology jobs according to Dice.com.


1. Technology Management: CEO, CIO, VP, Director

Average salary in 2018  $142, 063
Year over year change + 3.96%

It should be no surprise that those in charge of the technical workforce come in at the top of the pay scale. The technology managers are tasked with ensuring that their company has the right blend of business and technology and the right people to implement make it all happens smoothly.


2 & 3. Systems Architect, Technical Architect

Systems Architect

Average salary in 2018  $129,962
Year over year change – 3.8%

Technical Architect

Average salary in 2018  $127,121
Year over year change + 8.0%

Both the Systems and Technical Architect help design and bring together the entire organizational corporate technology infrastructure. They may lead numerous people in developing the strategy to handle corporate infrastructure. It is a job that takes a large amount of technical aptitude and the ability to see the big picture as well as understand the fine details.


4. Product Manager

Average salary in 2018  $114,174
Year over year change – 4.2%

The product manager leads the ongoing development of a technical product such as a software application.  With the aid of business and technical representatives, they establish a vision for the product and develop a plan to get the product from where it exists currently to the established vision.


5. DevOps Engineer

Average salary in 2018  $111,683
Year over year change N/A

DevOps Engineers work to ensure that code is released effectively and efficiently. They often complement Scrum software development teams releasing each increment of completed product. Their primary responsibility is to collaborate with those building the software product and manage its testing and release.

Top 10 Paying Technology Jobs Over 100K

6. Software Engineer

Average salary in 2018  $110,989
Year over year change + 5.1%

Software Engineers design and build software applications. They have to be experts in computer science and algorithm design.  They require an in-depth understanding of engineering practices related to software and should be deep level experts in the particular programming language they are working with.


7. Hardware Engineer

Average salary in 2018  $110,972
Year over year change N/A

Hardware Engineers are responsible for the physical machines such as computer workstations or servers. They handle the configurations, set-up, and physical maintenance of the machine. They may design machines to meet organizational needs.


8. Project Manager

Average salary in 2018  $110,925
Year over year change – 2.8%

A Project Manager leads the creation of a unique product. Depending on the type of project, they may need to have technical knowledge in computer hardware, software, or technical infrastructure. It can be similar to a Product Manager role except the Project is intended to be temporary where a product’s development is expected to be ongoing.


9. Security Engineer

Average salary in 2018  $110,716
Year over year change N/A

A Security Engineer works to protect the organization from internal and external threats. They help design corporate policies and assist teams in adhering to those policies.


10. Application Developer

Average salary in 2018  $105,202
Year over year change + 7.6%

Application Developers work closely with Software Engineers and carry out the required tasks to get software applications to function as expected. They need a high degree of technical knowledge and they need to be able to work with other stakeholders to ensure that what they are building is correct.



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