Burndown Chart Excel Template

Excel Burndown Chart: Download

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This template does not contain macros/VBA code.


Create your user stories or task list and add them in the column under Product Backlog items, then add in your expected effort (Story Points) under Beginning Balance.


Iteration number is meant for record keeping. It would be a place to enter in the current Sprint or Iteration. Expected Total Effort should not be touched, it auto calculates based on the Beginning Balance. The Days In Sprint field is optional. This is intended to give you a place to put a sprint duration in order to keep the ideal trendline accurate.  By default, it assumes that your sprint duration is 4 weeks (20 days).


As each day passes, you place the number of story points completed under the appropriate day and on the appropriate Product Backlog Item line.


On the far right, it calculates the remaining story point balance and calculates the percentage complete for each product backlog item. There is a mini-burndown chart at the top of the sheet.

At the bottom of the sheet, it calculates the Ideal Trend and the remaining story points.


On the sheet titled “Burndown Chart” is a larger version of the mini-burndown chart.


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